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As women, everyone has a burning desire to have smooth, shiny skin. Understanding this, cosmetic companies have been very agile in continuously offering many products with regenerative effects. And customers are also getting used to the terms: AHA, BHA, Retinol, Tretinoin...


Let's take a look at these methods:


AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid): a group of water-soluble chemical exfoliants represented by Lactic Acid and Glycoic Acid.

Strengths: Stimulates collagen and elastin growth and adds moisture, so it is very suitable for aging skin. The safe concentration to use is 5-10%, and 20% with a doctor's prescription.


BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid): a group of chemical exfoliants that dissolve in oil and work inside pores to resolve congestion with the representative of Salicylic Acid.

Strengths: pushes acne and dirt out. Suitable for treating acne conditions such as hidden acne, inflammatory acne... Safe concentration to use is 0.5 - 2%


The disadvantage of AHA/BHA is that it increases the risk of sensitivity and sun sensitivity by up to 50%. Therefore, during use, you need to cover carefully with sunscreen (minimum SPF30).


Retinol (derivative of Vitamin A): Needs to be combined with enzymes on the skin to convert into Retinoic Acid, which is effective in treating acne, melasma, anti-aging, and dark spots. The safe concentration to use is 0.5 - 1% and should closely follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Disadvantages: During use, the skin easily peels, becomes dry, and rough.


Tretinoin (synthetic form of Vitamin A): Many times more active than Retinol, treating acne, inflammatory acne, and wrinkles. As a dermatological drug with strong activity, it can easily cause irritation, especially for sensitive skin, so it needs to be strictly prescribed by a dermatologist.


So, what are the outstanding advantages of ERICSON LABORATOIRE's skin regeneration product "Glyco Serum PLGA 70/10"?


  • Is a combination of AHA and BHA for strong regenerative effects. In addition, there is a cross-linked Papaya Enzyme with long-lasting effects, a biological detergent that does not cause allergies.
  • 2-layer packaging technology ensures the integrity of active ingredients straight to target cells without being decomposed by an environment containing skin enzymes.
  • Brightens skin thanks to stabilized Vitamin C


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